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The Styles, for Men to Follow In Suit Jackets

suitsandbootz - October 23, 2018 - 0 comments

If you are eager to learn and understand which suit jacket you should wear and know different styles of suits, you are fallen down in the correct place.

Here you can learn about all the types of suit jackets and how they look; every man carries his own style and personality and wants to know how he represents to others.

A man’s wardrobe has a mandatory one suit in it, which he always wants to wear because it fits him perfectly, giving addition to your wardrobe in perfect suiting, one should get aware of its types and styles.

We all know that clothes are an ultimate personification of one’s personality, we often fail to decide which suit -jacket to wear and which style to follow. There is a wide diversity of suit jackets in clothing and each style follow with different specifications. So let’s begin:


Single/ Double Breasted Suits:

comparison of single breasted suit and double breasted suit

When we think about double-breasted suit jackets, we often get a glance of an old era before World War II. As double-breasted suit jackets required more fabric, it replaced by the single breasted suit so as to utilize less fabric and decorative elements.

The single breasted suit jacket has two equal halves, with a notch (mostly), peak and shawl lapels, buttoned up from the front, hooking it up with two/three buttons in a vertical line. It is widely in used and carries every classic style and has been accepted by the wearers simultaneously.

Whereas double-breasted suits are now a rarity but is a massive add-on to classics, its design is exclusively featured with 4 (forming a square shape), 6 or 8 buttons, 6 commonly. The extra fabric is given in the half left of the jacket so as to cover the right side partially. With highlighting peak and shawl lapels. it defines ultimate grace and classical style. Both has three pockets at the front and both can be easy to make in any fabric.

Suit jacket buttons:

suits button

Two buttons are mostly observed among one-two- and three button’s suit jackets. Because even when they are hooked with three buttons the rule is to buttoned the middle one

One button suit jackets are seen in tuxedos mostly, suited for a themed color party night, so if you are planning to go with a black man theme, have your pick! (We offer one-button suit jackets at a diverse range, here at Suits and Boots)

The two-button suits are most wanted and most worn suit jackets as they meet all the contemporary needs of today’s styles. And give an ultimate classic look which is a must in suiting.

Three button suit jackets are the best pick up for tall heightened men as it give a great look to them and dignifies the personality in a glance.

The three contours:

the contoursIn suiting, your appearance depends upon the shape and cut of a suit jacket. There are three major cuts and those are;

  • Sack Suit Jacket: Shapeless with slim shoulders, helps to hide the shape of a wearer, this hanging jacket presents the classical time back then.
  • Structured Suit Jacket: The most formal one among three, gives an hourglass shape because of its trimmed waist and two side darts at the front. The padded shoulders are the wanted style every wearer want to have.
  • Fitted Suit Jacket: This suit is best for the slim ones wanting to get a fitted tailored style to wear.

The Three Types of Shoulders:

suits and bootsThe types are classified in to the origins of suiting; the Italian, the American and the British. Keeping up the foundation of suiting the Italian tailored their suits giving them the soft look and highlighting less silhouette to keep it slim fitted and easy going. All the Italian inspired wearers prefer to pick soft structure less shoulders. Whereas, the American inspired, always go for a pappy bump on the shoulder line, so the strong V- shaped body can balance with earing the soft shoulders. The British origin make structured shoulders for defining their silhouette and representing as a strong-shouldered look giving an ultimate formal look, best to wear at bank and as a country representative.

The Lapels:

LapelsEach detail is a key to know all about perfect suiting, the three lapels are the majors to identify diversity of suit jackets. And help to look one of the personified personalities.

  • Notch Lapel: This lapel is commonly found in single-breasted suit jackets. Its design meets contemporary styles. Having two parts, one short at the top and second elongated part meets the button entrance.
  • Peak Lapel: This lapel is made for double-breasted suits, having edged points towards shoulders, suits for a formal event.
  • Shawl Lapel: This lapel is edge-less, cut-less and with a single cloth stitched. This is widely used in tuxedos.

The Pockets and its Styles:

Suit jacket PocketsIt is minimal to notice pocket styles in suit jackets but it carries great values to your outlook.

  • Jetted Pocket: This dressy pocket is perfect match of tuxedos as it carries the same traditionally outlook to your suiting.
  • Flap Pocket: This flap pocket presents a slim look and your hip-shape look more define.
  • Angled Pocket: This pocket gives an ultimate sportier look with wide flaps.
  • Ticket Pocket: The name signifies it work for it is made, holds tickets and have deeper space inside.
  • A Patch Pocket: Flapless pocket, deep from the bottom, suitable for sports jacket, not a match for formal suits.

The Sleeve’s Buttons:

Suit jacket sleeves buttonIt is the style that brings class, whether you wear three-button, two-button or one button suit jackets, it’s important to carry the style with buttons. There are three main categories of styling sleeve buttons.

  • The One Button Style: It is usually used in casual suit jackets, giving an everyday look.
  • The Two Button Style: The two button is primarily for sports jacket. And fits the best match in it.
  • The Three & Four Button Style: This three & four button style is a best go to for two and three button suit jackets. It gives a formal touch to the appearance.

The Lining:

suit liningThe lining is the natural fabric inside of the suit jackets to keep the quality up-to-date. There are three types of suit jackets with linen.

  • Unlined: This suit jacket doesn’t have any lining inside so as to keep it breathable and light weighted, it is more costly than the others as it is stitched in an extensively fine way because the stitching is directly visible to the wearer.
  • Half Lined: This partially lined suit is more costly than the fully lined suit because it covers the upper area of the suit and lightly weighted than fully lined suit.
  • Fully Lined: This lining is not as costly as the other too but is best in protecting the suit and it’s stitching making it durable and protective.

The Origins of Vent-less and Single/Double Vent Suit Jackets:

Suit ventsAs the shoulder’s style, this too is categorized into three origins, the Italian, American and British style.

  • Vent-less Suit Jacket: Following the Italian trend, the jacket does not consist of any slit/vent in the latter back. Giving a fine figure and easy to sit it simultaneously makes space to lift up the back and makes convenient for the wearer to sit or use pocket.
  • Single Vent Suit Jacket: It is the American style, not as costly as others. It is for to stay easy in the outdoor visits or in traveling. It is best for casual wear as it keeps the wearer comfortable.
  • Double Vent Suit Jacket: The British style suit jacket, gives an ultimate classy look to your style and is preferably the foremost suit jacket to wear.

Lapel Button Hole:

BoutonnaierePeople use to wonder its exact use as it was used to close the suit jacket but now it has more extensive use and can be worn a flower in its 1/1.5 inch space. The boutonniere worn in special events and can be highly formal.


Stylishly Your’s,

Suits And Boots.

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