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Suit Vs Tuxedo – A Brief Guide

suitsandbootz - August 27, 2019 - 0 comments

Do you know how to differentiate between a tuxedo, a tuxedo, and a tuxedo? We help you!

One of the most important aspects of any wedding, be it the groom or guest, is to comply with the etiquette and protocol. Because it will be useless to invest a large sum of money in a suit if afterward, you are not up to the circumstances. For this reason, we want to show you the difference between the morning coat, tuxedo, and tailcoat. Take note!

The Instagram pictures might urge you to buy one for your event but how unsatisfying it will be when it will not turn out to be the one you get inspired of? A perfect stitching is important, however we have your back, Suits and Boots offers best bespoke suits and tailoring services in Doha, Qatar. Get your tuxedo done by us in the price you will love and wear best tailor made suit till date.

Do you know how to properly wear the tuxedo, the tuxedo, and the tailcoat? We reveal all the details.

Costumes remind us that the importance of a man’s suit goes beyond personal tastes and fashions. For a suit of this type to fit perfectly a man will have to customize his measurements and of course, take into account the function and use of this.

1. The Morning Coat



It is a suit of etiquette reserved well for the mornings or for the first hours of the afternoon. Formerly it was a garment that was used by English gentlemen to ride horses. Hence, the rear apron is open so that they can raise their arms comfortably. It is composed of:

Jacket:  The back part has the shape of a frock coat but with the peculiarity of having semicircular tips on the back with a small opening. It has a single button and is usually black or gray.

Vest:  You can choose between the rectum and the crusader. It must be fastened whole. The vest should be of your custom size so as it fits properly.

Shirt:  Always must be white, rigid and collar without buttons. In addition to the double cuff to include the twins.

Get your customized shirt tailored by us in efficient ways. Full proof customize tailoring to make you look best among all.

Pants:  Can be black, gray or with a vertical line. While choosing a pant for yourself it is important to take note on how it looks from the latter part, occasionally the dumpy pants ruin your outfit. Get your suits customized with us here at Suits and Boots.

Choose the one you prefer but keep in mind that the Windsor knot is the most appropriate.

Shoes:  The appropriate thing is that they are black, smooth and leather.

Top-hat:  It must be black or gray.

Gloves:  Only for the most daring.

2. The Tuxedo


It is considered a party dress preferably. Its use is predetermined by the end of the afternoon or by night. Formerly it was known as the jacket that gentlemen used when they went to smoke, hence its name. A bespoke tuxedo is still worn in loyal parties and gatherings though comparatively bespoke suits are rated more as it caters all the casual needs of a working class. However, tuxedos has their own signature style to follow and for a man who likes to highlight class, is preferable to opt for a bespoke tuxedo rather than a suit. It is composed of:

Jacket:  You will differentiate it from the previous one because it has a straight cut and does not have skirts. It is usually black or navy blue.

Shirt:  It must be a tailor made white shirt with a bow tie.

Vest:  Wear a black custom made vest.

Bow tie:  Black, you could also wear a tie but it is less common.

Pants:  Preferably the customized pants in black.

Sash:  It is the distinctive garment of the tuxedo since it cannot be used in the rest of the suits. It must be black or clear but with a subtle bright touch.

Gloves:  Optional white or gray.

Shoes:  Black

3. The Tailcoat


As the specialists make clear to us, it is the dress of great gala, we can say that it is the masculine dress of maximum label. “It is used in formal nocturnal acts, state dinners or gala dances held in closed spaces,” they explain. Only the national dress has the same consideration as the tailcoat for the nocturnal acts and must be specified in the invitation. It consists of:

Jacket:  The frock coat has silk lapels, its cut is horizontal and it differs from the rest of the suits because it is much shorter in front. The rear skirts are shaped like a pick and are worn open. In this type of garment can be placed medals or decorations.

Vest:  Not only is it obligatory to wear it but it must be of piqué ivory. A customized vest will good to go and may suit some groups planning to wear same alike tuxedos at a friend’s wedding.

Bow tie:  This accessory is always used, and must be white.

Pants:  They must be with good customization and properly stitched in black, smooth and they may have a silk strip on the sides.

Shoes:  In this case shoes with shine, but black and laces are accepted.


Both are clothing label but made for different types of events. Know your differences:




When should a tuxedo be worn and when a tuxedo?

A coat is worn on particularly festive occasions such as opera dances, Nobel Prize ceremonies or state and diplomatic receptions (or at your own wedding). In contrast, the tuxedo is somewhat less formal. You can use it in dances, weddings, gala evenings and opera premieres.Get your formal custom made coat done by us here at Suits and Boots.

What is the correct way to wear a tuxedo?

With the following parts and accessories:

1. White shirt with French fist and front of the pleated shirt (or without folds with buttons). The neck is a little wider. His more formal version has a bow tie with a bow tie.

2. Black patent leather shoes and long socks (preferably silk).

3. Girdle or white vest cut in? U?

4. Bow tie

5. Silver cuff-links that do not go out of style and a white linen pocket handkerchief round out the look.

You do not wear a belt with a tuxedo or a tuxedo, so the pants should stay perfect. Suits and Boots are specialist in designing and tailoring the best bespoke suits in town, we are known gent’s made to measure tailors in Doha, Qatar.

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