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How to combine a Suit, Shirt, and a Tie.

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Many men are not aware of how important it is to know how to combine an elegant ensemble until the moment arrives and they feel it as a challenge. Here we tell you how to achieve it so as not to be in a hurry.

Learning to correctly combine a tie, a shirt and a suit for a special event is not as complicated as it seems, you just need to follow some basic rules. Here are some tips that will facilitate the choice of garments. But before heading towards how we should do, there are few things to remember; a custom made apparel is a lot better than the old standard size suits. Wear suits which are customized properly and fits your body nicely.

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Choose the costume first:

If you have no idea what you will combine a shirt with, you should not buy it. First, choose the suit (it’s always better to have a custom made suit), put it on the bed, then choose the shirt and put it under the jacket. With this exercise, you can vary styles and colors until you find the right combination.

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Choice of the suit:

It is a real mistake to buy a tie without having a suit with which to combine it, it is best to choose a custom made shirt and place it under the jacket. If you do not like the combination, choose another shirt that is a different color and try again, until you get the perfect color. The suit/jacket should always be a shade darker than the shirt and tie.  When taking into account that the dress is formal, the rules of dress know that the shirt should be in light colors.

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Choice of the shirt:

Always choose a printed shirt with a plain tie and vice versa. For example, if you have a checkered or even striped suit, you should not forget to wear a shirt and a plain tie in a single color.

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Prints by sizes:

The large print with small print, that is, if you opt for a suit, for example, a unique color, such as dark blue or black, you should opt for a shirt with thin stripes in white or blue to give it a very original touch to the combination. With all this, you should not forget to wear a tie of color or if you decide on a tie stamped, this one with stripes.

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 Get the best contrast:

Contrast and harmony are very important. The combination of all the colors is found in finding the harmony of the clothes by selecting the midpoint. As a general rule, these contrasts create harmony and the colors that are balanced calm the opposites.

 Take your budget into account:

If you do not have much budget, buy key colors and leave the prints and colors that are more striking, you will end up helping day after day the suits that have basic colors, plus these are simpler in the combination of ties and shirts.

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The printed shirt goes with a plain tie:

If you have a suit printed with stripes or squares, do not forget to use a plain tie, of a single color.

If patterns are combined between the shirt and the tie, it is recommended that they be of different sizes. For example, if we have a striped shirt we cannot combine it with a tie with the same type of stripes, in any case, these should always be thicker than those of the shirt. The same happens if the shirt is checked, they should always be smaller than those of the shirt but never the same size.

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Pay attention to the contrast and harmony: 

To combine consists of finding the harmony of the garments looking for a middle point. If you have clear skin, shirts will go better in blue, if on the contrary, your skin is pinker, the greens will be better. For all those who have a dark complexion, there is a wider range of colors.

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Choosing dark shirts (black, navy blue, dark gray,) is a big mistake that many men make when wishing to make different combinations. The dark shirt is only allowed in the casual setting without a tie.

Large print with small print: 

If you choose, for example, a suit of a single color, such as dark blue or black, choose a shirt with fine stripes in blue or white that will give an original touch to the combination.

With this, do not forget to wear a tie of a single color, but if you finally choose a print, try to have the stripes wider than those of the shirt.

Know the basic combinations:

A black tie, for example, combines with a black suit and a white shirt. Remember, never with a black shirt. In the case of a pink tie, it is perfect with a white or light blue shirt and a gray suit. On the other hand, a red tie goes well with a white, blue or light blue shirt. The blue harmonizes with a blue shirt of the same tone or a lighter one. And green, if you want to opt for a more daring style, highlight with white shirts, black or green lighter tones.

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Knowing how to dress and know the trends is important for a man, however, the correct use of a tie will be essential for people around you to know that you have a true style. Now you know, choose the best combinations and get the best wardrobe.

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