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Dress Shirt Collars Guide By Suits And Boots

suitsandbootz - September 4, 2018 - 0 comments

Getting your customized dress shirt is a matter of preference. Choosing your shirt fabric, cuff, color and buttons is an experience in itself. With customization, you can get a garment that matches your style quotient. Moreover, getting the right dress shirt collars size is again an important decision for a custom fit.

Almost every other outlet now offers customization services that matches your personal style preference. During this process, getting the right collar size is the best decision.

The minor style detail is an important aspect if your attire. Under the coat, it plays an imminent role in giving a formal look to your personality. A shirt without a collar is like a car without a roof. However, choosing the right collar style is a difficult task if you are not aware of the options.

In this article, we have listed different collar styles that look impressive and appealing.

Dress Shirt Collars.


It goes without saying that the spread collar is the most worn and common dress shirt collar. This has become an evergreen option which never goes out of fashion. In spread collar, the points of the collar are five to six inches apart from each other. What’s more is that spread collar accommodates tie options with both large and small knots. A shirt with spread collar is best suited for those individuals who work in corporate environments.


The button down collar gives a little casual look when compared to other dress shirt collar. This is when you are trying to not look a little too extra in a corporate meeting, but also want to standout. The reason why it is call button down is because such shirts feature buttons to fasten collar points.


Also known as straight point or point collar, this is considered as one of the most traditional dress shirt options to this date. In the forward point collar dress shirt, the collar points are only 1.5 to 3.5 inches apart from each other. Therefore, with this dress shirt you can only wear ties with smaller knots than usual.


First worn by England’s Eton School students back in the 19th century, club collar dress shirts have become popular. In this, the collar points are rounded to give a cleaner look. Depending on the manufacturer and your preference, a dress shirt with club collars can forward point or spread collar options. All in all, it will give a retro-like feel whenever you wear it.


The band collar is relatively newer than all the other options mentioned in the article. Often times, many people refer to this collar as ‘Mandarin collar.’ The collar band of such a dress shirt is slimmer than usual. Furthermore, dress shirts with band collar will not feature any collar blade for folding purposes. Individuals may wear a banded collar shirt with a blazer to look at their best. It is more suitable for casual dressing purposes.


Probably one of the oldest collar options when we talk about dress shirts is the tab collar. This is one of the main reasons why it is a lesser seen option as well nowadays. With its origin found in the Great Britain, the tab collar dress shirt has a small button between both collar points.


In recent times, the cutaway collar has regained its lost popularity among all dress shirt options. The cutaway collar features the largest collar spread among all dress shirt collars – the collar points are about 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches apart, depending on the design you have purchased.


Let’s just say the similarities between a pin collar and tab collar shirt exist. While the tab collar has an extra fabric tab that can be buttoned under the tie, a pin collar shirt replaces the tab with a bar to give the tie knot a slight lift.

You might have known all of these collars, now you know how they look as well. Visit Suits and Boots today and consult our specialist to help you decide which shirt collar will suit you best.

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