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Does your Bespoke Suit fit your body?

suitsandbootz - August 29, 2018 - 0 comments

Does your suit fit your body? It is a question for every man who wants to have a smart and handsome attractive masculine appearance. The increasing demand for Bespoke suit is becoming a fashion trend statement for men. The most beautiful stitched bespoke suits are designed with much precision to show a real sense of perfection. These tailor-made suits entirely fit to your body and give you a gorgeous and stunning appeal.

In this blog, we will share some of the essential suiting elements for men so you can make sure the next suit you wear fits perfectly.


The shoulder is a vital suiting element which represents an impressive masculine appeal for men. It must provide an exact fitting to give you a proper look. The slightly loose fitting from the shoulder turns into an odd ridicule look for men and spoil their masculine image. The perfect shoulder fit must be well balanced on both sides with not a shorter and longer measurement size.

To make your bespoke suit correctly fit on your shoulders, you need to stand in a straight posture with both of your arms lying down in a relaxed tone. The right fit suit shoulder must extend from your shirt shoulder to give you a proper look. The bad fitting shoulder suit creates wrinkled lines on your coat to have the worst impression on others. It must create an adequate curve from the shoulder seam right down to your arms and wrists.  Shoulder divot is also an example of misappropriating fitting of the bespoke suit to match the shoulder and the armhole giving a wrong impression to others.


The perfect coat suit collar must fit around your neck and touches inside with your shirt collar with no noticeable gaps. The shirt collars must be tightly buttoned and worn with a bow or a perfect knot tie. The difference of gap between the shirt and the coat collar must indicate the loose collar, and the wrinkle creases indicate the tight suit collar.

Arm Hole

Traditionally, the bespoke suit with lower armholes design give an awkward look to the wearer. It is always recommended to have a higher armhole in men suiting to make them freely move and extend their arms.


The torso suiting must elegantly fit on your upper side body and not to be tight to show horizontal, vertical, and diagonal creases which put a wrong impression on everyone. After buttoning up the coat, it must not look as contracting with a tightening waist.

Button stance

Button stance is the front side stitching of buttons on the single and double-breasted suits. The single-breasted suit requires for vertical placement of two buttons. The double-breasted suits offer for four to six with a V-shaped design waistline buttons and a variety of notched lapel, peaked lapel, and shawl lapel.

Sleeve and sleeve length

The shirt sleeves must be slightly visible under the coat sleeves with a flat straight style. There must be no horizontal creases on the coat sleeve which poorly indicates the mismatching of a shirt and suit jackets. As for the sleeve length, the coat sleeve must be longer than the shirt sleeve in a proper fashion. The sleeve length measurement must be 1/4th to ½ inches of your shirt wrist cuff.

Jacket length

The perfect jacket length must cover the lower body and meet an exact body proportion. The appropriate jacket length must not exceed to the smaller body area which gives a nice visible look for every 5 feet and 9 inches height men.


The pant fitting starts right from the waistline and goes down below the ankles. It has a variety of tapered fit, slim fit, and the skinny fit. The pant break describes a crease and folds which gives a nice look to men. The pant break consists of no break, slight break, medium break, and the full break. The pant length consists of five elements such as waistband, seat, rise, and the taper which is the length from the tights to the legs.


Vents are the back bottom sides of the suit with the cut style of no vent, center vent, and a double vent to give comfort and ease with a classic streamlined look to the wearer.

The suits and boots Qatar defines the authentic style of elegance and reveal a graceful appeal of men which leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers. Get your bespke suit today and boost your confidence with Suits and Boots.

Your’s Stylishly,

Suits And Boots

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