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Corporate Attire – Giving Your Personality An Edge

suitsandbootz - September 17, 2018 - 0 comments

Corporate Attire And Style

Style and corporate are two different ideologies that are not often paired together. In actuality, corporate attire is an oxymoron for some. You can add style to your corporate look. However, there is a high probability that it will lack the style quotient. Thereby, considering the professional decorum, it is a sane idea to fit in the environment rather than trying something edgy. So the question here arises, how one blend in but still standout should. We have created a list of things to consider that will help you standout without compromising your overall personality:

Get your clothes stitched

Typically, people love getting ready made clothes due to convenience and lack of time. But, it is important to remember that others also have access to the same clothing shop. If you are looking to give your personality an edge, you will have to have a suit made rather than purchasing a ready-made suit. Why? The most important reason is that no other person will ever have the ‘exact’ same suit that you have got made for yourself. It sets you apart from others!

Invest in yourself 

To achieve the above mentioned point, you will have to invest in yourself. That’s right, you will have to set up an objective and spend some time and money in an attempt to achieve what you really want to accomplish. Rocking the corporate attire is always easier said than done. If you are someone who have been doing it for a couple for years, you would not take a lot of time. For those who are new to adopt the corporate style, it is important to do some research regarding this type of clothing and style. After all, you are aiming to be a man of substance at the end of the day.

Invest in a briefcase 

This does not only help you look more professional, but when you carry an enviable briefcase, you develop a class among others. Search online and go to suits and boots, we have quality leather bags. Once purchase, look for how many people are going to ask where you got the bag from. Look different, look natural!

 Do you wear a watch? 

The most important component to maintaining the class in a corporate attire is a watch. Individuals have to consider their watch game – this does not necessarily mean that you should go on and buy the most expensive watch available on the market. Wearing a reasonable watch that goes well with your clothing will really define your personality. Make sure that you focus on style rather than price!


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